Bulb Food for Happy, Healthy Bulbs

When you first plant your flower bulbs, put some bulb food or bonemeal into the hole with the bulb. This initial dosage gives the bulb a boost when it comes out of dormancy and starts growing.


When To Fertilize Bulbs

Once your garden bulbs emerge in the spring, give them a dose of fertilizer. Sprinkle the fertilizer around the base of the foliage and scratch it into the soil.

Gladioli will produce larger flowers if fed with a liquid fertilizer for a few weeks after the flower buds form.

Types Of Bulb Food

BoneMeal contains a low concentration of nitrogen and a high concentration of phosphorus along with some potassium, making it an ideal fertilizer to use on bulbs.
Use it in the hole when planting bulbs and can also be used after foliage emerges.

An all purpose fertilizer could also be used. An all purpose fertilizer contains equal amounts of nitrogen, potassium and potash. The numbers on the bag or box would read 5-5-5, 12-12-12 or 20-20-20. I'd recommend using this once the bulb has emerged, putting it in the hole with the bulb could burn the bulb.

Commercial flower bulb fertilizers such as Breck's bulb food can also be used.

Foliage Provides The Route For Nutrients

The bulb, corm or tuber of your flower bulbs are storage facilities for nutrients. The bulb uses up its nutrient reserve each year and needs to replensish itself if you are going to get another years growth out of it.

The foliage is necessary as the route the nutrients travel to replenish the food facility. If you bend it over or cut it back before the bulb is replenished you will have little or no plant the following year. Let the foliage turn brown and die before cutting it off and you will get more enjoyment from your flower bulbs.

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