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Daylily Seeds

Daylilies are hard working easy to grow plants but you have to remove the daylily seeds if you want blooms for a long time.

daylily seeds

A Stella de Oro reblooming daylily plant with seed pods all over it. Notice there aren't any flowers or flower buds! Oops, I didn't get the flower stalks off quick enough so seeds formed and the plant stopped flower production.

Seed Pods Halt Flower Production

Flowers are produced on a plant to allow reproduction of the species. Flowers are followed by seed production.
When seeds start forming they send a signal to the plant to slow down and stop flower production.
When flowers are removed in a timely manner seeds can't form and the plant doesn't get the signal to shut down flower production.
The engineering that goes into a plant is amazing!

Uh Oh, Daylily Seeds Kinda Resemble The Flower Buds

You wouldn't want to remove the flower buds on your daylily, but it has been known to happen. The seed pods look similiar to the flower buds especially when they're just forming.

Here is a picture showing the difference between flower buds and seed pods. Can you guess which one is which?

daylily seeds

The ones on the left are the daylily seeds. They are short and fat like my thumb.
Flower buds are long and slender like my pinky finger.

Removing Faded Flowers and/or Seed Pods

When flowers fade you can pull them off the plant before seeds form.
The stem that has the flowers growing on it is called a scape. When the scape has no more flower buds on it you can remove it. Trim the whole thing off to the base of the plant or do what I do and just cut them so they aren't sticking above the foliage!
If seeds did form you can remove those in the same manner by removing the whole scape or just part of it.

Will My Reblooming Daylily Bloom Again After Forming Seeds?

In the top picture you saw my reblooming Stella full of seed pods with no flowers. I have since removed the seed pods and part of the scapes from that plant. It will rebloom but it will take a couple of weeks to start forming flowers again.

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Wayside Gardens

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Albert E. Tuttle

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