A List Of Annual Flowers
Cross Referencing Common and Botanical Names

This list of annual flowers is by no means a complete listing of all the varities of annuals available. Every year new varieties of annuals are introduced.


This picture shows annual Dianthus with its pretty pink flowers along with perennial Creeping Jenny, Catmint and a Dandelion. Oops, I didn't see that dandelion when I took the picture, guess I need to be more careful when weeding the flower beds.

Common Names and Botanical Names For Annual Flowers

This list of annual flowers shows some of the popular common names for annual flowers followed by the botanical name in green lettering.
When purchasing seeds or plants, it will come in handy to know the botanical names of plants since the common names can vary by regions. Angels Wings is a common name for Begonia's in my area but it's also a commong name for Angelonia. Angelonia and Begonia don't look anything alike.

African Daisy. Arctotis stoechadifolia. African Marigold. Tagetes erecta.
Amaranth. Amaranthus. Anagallis. Anagallis.
Angel's trumpet. Brugmansia, Datura X candidia. Angel Wings. Angelonia.

Baby blue-eyes. Nemophilia menziesii. Baby's-breath. Gypsophila eleggans.
Bachelor's button. Centaurea cyanus. Bacopa. Sutera.
Balloon vine. Cardiospermum halicacahum. Balsam. Impatiens balsamina.
Basket flower. Hymenocallis narcissiflora. Beefsteak plant. Iresine herbstii.
Bellflower. Campanula. Bells-of-Ireland. Moluccella laevis.
Begonia. Begonia. Bidens. Bidens.
Bishop's flower. Ammi. Black-eyed-Susan. Rudbeckia fulgida.
Black-eyed-Susan vine. Thunbergia alata. Blanket flower. Gaillardia.
Blood flower. Asclepias curassavica. Bluewings. Torenia fournieri.
Browallia. Browallia. Busy Lizzie. Impatiens.

Calendula. Calendula. California poppy. Eschscholzia californica.
Campion. Silene. Canary creeper. Tropaeolum peregrinum.
Candytuft. Iberis sempervirens. Canterbury bells. Campanula medium.
Cape marigold. Dimorphotheca. Castor bean. Ricinus communis.
Celosia. Celosia. Chilean glory flower. Eccremocarpus scaber
China aster. Callistephus. Cigar plant. Cuphea ignea.
Cleome. Solenostemon. Clock vine. Thunbergia alata.
Cockscomb. Celosia cristata. Coleus. Coleus.
Coreopsis. Coreopsis. Cornflower. Centaurea cyanus.
Cosmos. Cosmos. Creeping zinnia. Sanvitalia procumbens.
Cup-and-saucer. Cobaea scandens. Cup flower. Nierembergia.

Dahlberg daisy. Dyssodia. Devil's-claw. Proboscidea.
Diascia. Diascia. Dusty miller. Senecio maritima.
Dwarf morning glory. Convolvulus tricolor. Evening primrose. Oenothera.

Fan flower. Scaevola. Felicia. Felicia.
Firecracker plant. Cuphea. Flossflower. Ageratum.
Flowering Maple. Abutilon. Forget-me-not. Myosotis.
Four-o'-clock. Mirabilis. Fuchsia. Fucshia.

Gazania. Gazania. Geranium. Pelargonium.
Gillyflower. Matthiola incana. Globe amaranth. Gomphrena globosa.
Godetia. Clarkia. Heliotrope. Heliotropium.
Hyacinth bean. Lablab purpureus. Impatiens. Impatiens.
Indian's blanket. Gaillardia. Irish lace. Tagetes filifolia.

Johnny-jump-up. Viola tricolor. Knapweed. Centaurea.
Lantana. Lantana. Larkspur. Consolida.
Lavatera. Lavatera. Licorice plant. Helichrysum.
Lisianthus. Eustoma. Livingston daisy. Dorotheanthus.
Lobelia. Lobelia. Love-in-a-mist. Nigella damascena.
Love-in-a-puff. Cardiospermum. Love-lies-bleeding. Amaranthus caudatus.

Mallow. Malva. Marigold. Tagetes.
Mexican sunflower. Tithonia rotundifolia. Mignonette. Reseda.
Million bells. Calibrachoa. Money plant. Lunaria annua.
Monkey flower. Mimulus. Moonflower. Ipomoea alba.
Morning glory. Ipomoea purpurea. Moss rose. Portulaca.

Nasturtium. Tropaeolum. Nemesia. Nemesia.
Nicotiana. Nicotiana. Painted-tongue. Salpiglossis sinuata.
Pansy. Viola. Passion flower. Passiflora.
Periwinkle. Catharanthus. Persian shield. Stobilanthes.
Petunia. Petunia. Phlox. Phlox.
Pink. Dianthus. Poppy. Papaver.

Sage. Salvia. Scabiosa. Knautia arvensis.
Snapdragon. Antirrhinum. Spider flower. Cleome.
Statice. Psylliostachys. Stock. Matthiola.
Strawflower. Anthurium crystallinum. Sunflower. Helianthus.
Swan River daisy. Brachycome iberidifolia. Sweet alyssum. Lobularia maritima.
Sweet pea. Lathyrus odoratus. Sweet William. Dianthus barbatus.

Tickseed. Coreopsis. Toadflax. Linaria.
Tobacco. Nicotiana. Twinspur. Diascia.
Vervain. Verbena rigida. Viola. Viola.
Wishbone flower. Torenia fournieri. Zinnia. Zinnia.

Is This List of Annual Flowers Complete?

This is not a complete list of annual flowers, there are hundred possibly even thousands being developed each year. To keep up with all of them would be a full time job. This list of annual flowers contains a collection of the most popular common names.

What's In A Name?

The Latin name of the plant should be on the plant tag or listed in the description in plant catalogs.
Plants are identified by binomial nomenclature (meaning two names) for official identification alhtough many times you'll see just one name, especially in unofficial writings (like the above list of annual flowers!)

The first part of the Latin name listed would be the Genus. It is always capitalized. The second name would be the Species and is written in lower case.
An example would be the plant that goes by the common name of Moonflower: Ipomoea alba.
Ipomoea is the Genus name and alba is the species name.
I have no idea what Ipomoea means in Latin but I know that alba means white.

The Genus Ipomoea is a grouping of like plants displaying similiar characteristics, another popular member of the Genus is Ipomoea purpurea. Can you guess what color it is by the species name? If you guessed purple than you are well on your way to knowing the Latin you'll need for discussing plants by their botanical names!

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